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Paper Lantern Contest

Bring your home-made lanterns for an assortment of Prizes

We'll supply the materials, you make it at home!

In 2020, we made beautiful paper lanterns in the Willey Building meeting room. There were so many beautiful lanterns!
In 2022, we're going to do things a little different... We're going to make them at home!
Cabot Arts will supply everything you need to make your own beautiful lantern!
How does it work? 
Pick up your materials at the Cabot Public Library.
Contact Dana at and request a "Lantern Package."
Then What?
You have three weeks to create a paper lantern with your family. Bring it with you to the Cabot Village Common January 8th and display for people to enjoy. 

Prizes?   Yes! Nothing too fancy. Just fun stuff. Prizes will be awarded at 2:40pm on the Cabot Village Common. 
How do you make a Paper Lantern?  
ry searching YouTube for interesting ideas! Here are a couple links:    

What's in the Package?
Something like the photo above...  A white paper lantern, various colors of crepe paper,
colored markers, an LED light, some glue, and a paintbrush or two. Enough to get you started.
See what you have laying around your home that wants to become part of your paper lantern.

Bring your Lanterns to The Sunset Parade led by The Brass Balagan!

Lantern Parade__edited.jpg
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