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Cabot Arts and Music Festival
Pointe Noir
Cajun Band
Friday Dance
Willey Building Auditorium
Pointe Noir Cajun Band's 

Pointe Noir finds its rhythm deeply seated in Southwest Louisiana, where many of its members have studied and learned Cajun music. 


Katie Trautz is a seasoned fiddle player, who drifted south to the Bayou after many years of playing Old-time music. Chris Hollis, the Montpelier-based old-time guitar player, also found an interest in Cajun music, and together he and Katie traveled to Louisiana to learn the musical traditions there. Helen Doyle plays bass, and grew up surrounded by many different styles of traditional music. Cannon Labrie is a long-time Cajun and Zydeco accordion player, playing with well-known New England bands Yankee Chank, Jeannie and the High Tops and Planet Zydeco. Walker Blackwell is a percussionist and fine art printmaker who has been surrounded by cajun music his entire life and has been performing percussion in several local bands - including the Clayfoot Strutters - on and off since he was 4 years old. Christiana Athena-Blackwell is a multi-instrumentalist and music educator who founded School of Honk in Boston (a New Orleans inspired second line band/and community school serving over 100 students every week). She started singing and drumming in bands in Vermont when she was 14 years old, and continued her performing career for the past 2 decades in many cities: Including Boston, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. She currently teaches music at U-32. 

Pointe Noir plays an uplifting combination of exciting dance music, country songs, and Cajun tunes from Lafayette and beyond. 

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