The Moon Shells - July 17th

New Recording to Benefit Cabot Arts


Physical copies of the Old Time CD have SOLD OUT!  But, no worries...

The album is now available for downloads on BandCamp!

Click on this link, to download individual tunes or the entire album. 

Thank You to everyone who purchased the CD's. We have raised

over $1,000 for Cabot Arts to be earmarked to jumpstart an

old-time workshop weekend in 2022. Details TBA. 

~ About the Recording ~

One of the things we've sorely missed over the last year of this pandemic has been the weekly Old Time Music Jam Sessions on Sunday afternoons at Harry's Hardware in Cabot. The music we shared nourished a culture of home-gown music and camaraderie amongst neighbors - not to mention the joy on peoples faces of folks walking into a hardware store to discover fiddles and banjos raising the roof!

Beginning in January, Sue and I began working on a CD of 20 tunes from our jam sessions repertoire. The intention of this project is threefold: 1) To create a record of the sessions repertoire, 2) to have the ability to share our music with a wider audience, and 3) hopefully raise a few dollars to help jumpstart an annual music camp when the pandemic is over. If you would like to contribute to this effort by purchasing a CD in advance, please click the "Purchase" button

The widgets (below) will play a couple of the albums selections.

Check it out!

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