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Cabot Arts and Music Festival
Community Collage
with Lars Hasselblad Torres


Collage sample.jpg
Draw, tear, paint, cut, stitch! Make and remix collages that will be sewn together to create a tapestry of our community. Join local artists, your neighbors, and friends you haven’t met yet for this immersive and collaborative art-making experience. Try it for five minutes, stay for the day! All ages and abilities welcome. Careful though, its messy: we’ll be using non-toxic acrylic paints and glues. They have many wonderful qualities, washableness just isn’t one of them.
Lars Hasselblad Torres is the originator of the Global Peace Tiles Project as well as many other innovative and creative endeavors. 
Time of the Signs! (returns) 
Cabot resident and mixed-media artist Janet Van Fleet makes three-dimensional objects with found and manipulated materials. For The Cabot Arts and Music Festival this year, Janet has created eight sign-carrying people to help inform and orient participants to all the festival has to offer.    
Janet is a founder of Studio Place Arts, an art center in Barre, Vermont where she has her studio. Van Fleet's work often makes reference to political, environmental, and social issues.
Janet w_Signs.JPG
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