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Cabot Arts and Music Festival
Volunteers needed for:
  • Festival Set Up and Break Down
  • Parking
  • Ticketing / Admissions Gate
  • Artist Hospitality
  • Kids Activities
  • Artist Merchandise Tent
  • Site Maintenance

Volunteer Info will be updated for the 2024 Festival soon!

All volunteers will check in at the Front Admissions Gate to collect their Orange wristband.

Please check in with Volunteer Coordinator, RD Eno to let him know you have started your shift. ‭(802) 272-5975‬ - Any questions about your duties should be directed to R.D.


Festival Set-up and Break Down/Clean Up: Specific jobs are fluid dependng on what needs to be done. Take the lead from Sky or Dana as to what to do in real time.

Parking Volunteers will be stationed at two sites:

Lot #1 - Paul's field behind the schoolhouse, accessible from Ducharme Rd.

Lot #2 - Cabot Recycle / Wastewater treatment plant on Sawmill Rd.

Please make sure vehicles are parked in an orderly fashion according to the predetermined lay out. 

Crosswalk / Traffic Safety

You will be stationed on Rt. 215, and directly in front of the Front Admissions Gate of the festival. You will be given a crosswalk sign and a traffic vest. You job is to stop traffic when people are trying to cross the road. 


Ticketing / Admissions Gate:  Admissions will be accepted for:

Full Day - $40 - Blue cloth wristband. 

Volunteers will check in at the Gate and be given a orange wristband.


There will be a list of people who have paid in advance. Payments can be taken in: Cash, Check (made out to “Cabot Arts”) or Credit. The Front Gate Manager will brief all ticketing volunteers on how to use the Square payment system with the iPad. Customers will each be handed their wristband, and offered a program guide. Please inform customers that they’ll need to display their wristband upon re-entering. Please be mindful of those who are “re-entering” after having exited the Site. They will have to show you their valid wristband.


Artist Hospitality: You will be based in the "great room," downstairs, in the Schoolhouse, and the “Backstage Tent” next to the stage. Direction will taken from hospitality coordinator, Jaime Pransky. Duties will mostly include making sure the food and beverage offerings are stocked and clean. If there is anything that an artist desires in particular, please find a way to provide it. 

Kids Activities: This is a fluid shift of doing whatever needs to be done in the moment. Direction will be taken from Kids Activities director, Mary Saggerson at the Kids Tent. 

Sell Artist Merchandise: The “Artist Mercantile” tent will be set up on a table under the front entrance gate. The artists themselves will be in charge of laying out their merchandise to sell.  Your job is to be present at the table and to facilitate any cash and check sales while the artists are not present. (Money should be kept in the folder and envelopes provided.) The artists have been asked to be available after their performances and will likely be able to make sales with thier own credit card system.


Site Maintenence: Duties include:

Making sure the Schoolhouse lawn and site looks reasonably tidy at all times. Trash and Recycle bins will be placed in convenient locations throughout the lawn and gardens. 

There will be portable-potties set up in two places: in the food truck area next to the shed, and

along the ledge on the other side of the stage. Every so often check on the areas to make sure everything is in order. Supplies (towels, TP, sanitizer, etc.) will be kept in a recepticle near the wash-up sink. 

Casually and discreetly monitor patrons’ wristbands: Blue and Orange.

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